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Officer Friendly Takes on Scary Police


Book Description:

The city of Hometown needs a HERO… and that HERO is Officer Friendly!

The Officer Friendly book series is a dynamic series for children that will take on important challenges such as Fear of Police, Gun Safety, Stranger Danger, Bullying, Home Alone, Drug Awareness, Peer Pressure, Police Careers, Leadership, and Team Work, among others.

Join Officer Friendly as he takes on SCARY POLICE, and gives the reader a vivid look into his childhood as he bridges the gap between law enforcement and children from ALL backgrounds! The first book in the Officer Friendly Book Series takes an exclusive look into "Scary Police" as a practical way to address the fear of police and improve the relationship between children and law enforcement!

About Author:

Jeremy Lahar, CEO, Speaker, Mentor, and now Author is the husband to his beautiful wife Ceon Lahar and the proud father of his three amazing children Kari, Alaina, and Kingston. He currently works as a Patrol Sergeant within The Houston Police Department and previously worked within the Office of Public Affairs-Community Outreach Unit. His passion is public speaking and mentoring youth around the Houston area.

Jeremy believes that it is important that children understand from an early age that police officers are here to help them. He views The Officer Friendly book series as a tool to teach children about various safety topics as well as a way to bridge the gap between law enforcement and youth around the country.

About the Illustrator:

Steven “BZAR” Baltazar is a former detective with the Houston Police Department, now a full-time Artist. He is a proud husband and father of his son Tyson. The mixed-media artist based in Houston, TX, began creating visual artwork in 2017, heavily influenced by superheroes, cartoons, and curiosity.

Bzar takes societal success and internal influences creating visual pieces that combine both while adding a whimsical spirit with his recurring character outlines and expressive symbolization. Using vibrant color palettes, Bzar applies numerous mediums from acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, pen, and even glass to using multiple objects like paper or a canvas creating a new perspective on visual works from his view.

  • Image of Officer Friendly Takes on Scary Police
  • Image of Officer Friendly Takes on Scary Police